The Natural Wonders Litter is 6 Weeks Old

The puppies have received many visitors this past week, including a couple of toddlers, who they were very interested in. They are learning some commands with clicker training and responding very well to that. We are finding out which ones are food-motivated! Some reinforcements were made to their outdoor enclosure to foil the little escape artists in the group. Grays is now sporting a hot pink collar instead of her old and drab gray one.

7 lb 13.44 oz
Tawny Female
Yellow Collar

W6 P1 Augusta2

7 lb 14.08 oz
Buff Female
Light Blue Collar


W6 P2 Blanca


8 lb 11.52 oz
Tawny Male
Green Collar

W6 P3 Hunter

Tawny Female
8 lb 15.68 oz
Purple Collar

W6 P4 Regal

Tawny Male
8 lb 11.52 oz
Red Collar

W6 P5 Bear

Buff Male
7 lb 13.12 oz
Black Collar

W6 P6 Denali3

Tawny Female
9 lb 7.36 oz
Dark Blue Collar

W6 P7 Bona

Tawny Female
8 lb 8.64 oz
Hot Pink Collar (was gray)

W6 P8 Grays

Tawny Male
7 lb 11.84 oz
Tan Collar

W6 P9 Sanford