Back in 1993 my brother told me about a breed he had met up in Maine that he thought I would like. Since I had just gotten a puppy it was not pursued. However, when my dog died eleven years later, I asked him again what that breed had been. I looked on line and looked into the eyes of these dogs tears filled my eyes. This was the dog of my heart. My search ended with Maria Sommer and Callicoon Chinooks. Ukko was born on Oct. 31, 2006, part of her Halloween Litter. This leads me into the explanation of the kennel name, Spook Nook Chinooks. Due to his Halloween birthdate, Ukko’s nickname became Ukko Spooko or “Spook”. These are dogs that bring home or hearth to my mind. “Nook”, a sheltered and protected spot was the result. I also wanted there to always be a reminder of the great dog that started me down this path, and the alliteration, Spook Nook Chinooks, came into being.

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Chinooks are working dogs that excel at many activities, including hiking, obedience, agility, skijoring, sledding, backpacking, and bikejoring. They are increasingly being used for search and rescue, and as service dogs. They are intelligent, sensitive, and dedicated to their families. When you take a Chinook into your life, you join the family of other Chinook owners and breeders. They form a supportive and nurturing community willing to share experiences, tips, and emotional support.

I am dedicated to preserving the health, structure, and qualities that make this breed so special. Only puppies with the best structure, temperament, and health, that are free of disease and ailments will be moved forward in breeding. I place puppies in both pet and breed-potential homes. Chinooks are proving to many that they are a breed worth preserving.