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Glacial Calves Litter

Reine and Ukko’s nine puppies were born on Oct. 26th 2015. There are three males, and six females, three tawny with dark muzzles, three gray and tan, and three black and tan.

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Closer to Home Litter April 25, 2019

Three boys and five girls arrived during the early hours of April 25th. There are 4 black and tan, and 4 tawny. All are doing well under the good care of their mother, Nukka. Watch the “Recent Posts” to follow their weekly progress for the next eight weeks.

CTH Day0a

Spook Nook Nukka X Sirius Rising Jon Snow (Baxter), Cornwall, CT

Nukka October 26, 2015

Nukka is a cautious girl, but not fearful. She is wants to be sure of everyone and everything before committing herself, but then is in fully. She is sweet, athletic, and smart.

Hips: OFA Excellent

Eyes: CAER Eyes Normal

Height: 22″  Weight:  51 lbs.

Sirius Rising Jon Snow (Baxter) April 22, 2016

Baxter is a sweet and playful boy, who lives in eastern Mass. He loves hiking the White Mountains in NH with his family.


Eyes: Normal

Height: 24.5″ Weight: 65 lbs.