CH ‘PR’ Callicoon Ukko

Born October 31, 2006

Ukko’s name comes from Finnish mythology, where Ukko was the God of thunder, fire, and lightning. He has certainly lived up to his name. He has taught me the meaning of perseverance. He never gives up trying to get what he wants, whether it is trying to get into the garden to steal asparagus, or trying to win the heart of lovely female, despite the number of times she nips him. He is an incredibly smart boy, and very stubborn, but with a huge desire to please, learning faster than I can teach him. His entire body wags with his tail, and it has a worn out tip to prove it. He has proven his strength and enthusiasm by finishing ahead of multiple two-dog teams in sled races. I will always be grateful to Maria Sommer of Callicoon Chinooks for bringing Ukko into my life. When I asked her for a “plucky” puppy, I had no idea what I would be in for. He turned my world upside down, but he quickly became the best dog ever.

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