AKC Spook Nook Nukka CGC CGCA CGCU

UKC ‘PR’ Snook Nook Nukka

Born October 26, 2015

Nukka (patience, or little sister) is from the Glacial Calves Litter, October 26, 2015. She is the self-appointed watch dog of the family. From her beginning she has been the one to always be aware of her surroundings, watching. She carefully scrutinizes every person or dog she meets before making a decision about their worthiness. She and her mother, Reine, zip around the yard, alternating who chases who. Nukka may even be faster than her mom. Nukka has started competing at scent work, and has earned her starter novice title in competition obedience. She had a litter of 8 puppies on April 25, 2019, the Closer to Home Litter. You can read all about them in the blog section.

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