The Natural Wonders Litter is 5 Weeks Old

The puppies are enjoying a lot of time outside and in their expanded indoor area. They are really enjoying their real food, and not depending on mom much at all now, much to the relief of Kala. She still worries and fusses over them a great deal, however. They are receiving regular visitors, young and old, and responding extremely well to that. They are starting to enjoy toys, wrestling with each other, and readily greet visitors. Two blue-eyed wonders have a appeared in the group, each with one blue eye. Can you tell which ones they are?

Tawny Female
5 lb 10.88 oz
Yellow Collar

Buff Female
6 lb
Light Blue Collar

Tawny Male
6 lb
Green Collar

Tawny Female
5 lb 14.88 oz
Purple Collar

W5 P4 Regal F

Tawny Male
6 lb 13.12 oz
Red Collar


Buff Male
6 lb 1.28 oz
Black Collar

Tawny Female
6 lb 12.64 oz
Dark Blue Collar

Tawny Female
6 lb .64 oz
Gray Collar

Tawny Male
5 lb 11.2 oz
Tan Collar