The Natural Wonders Litter Turns 7 Weeks Old

The puppies are obviously eating well, because they are growing like weeds, with two of the girls leading the pack in size. Go Bona and Regal! They continue to have many visitors of all sizes, and had an especially big weekend, and were able to take advantage of the glorious weather. They have really enjoyed the visitors and all the attention. They are continuing with their clicker training and are eager to please.

10 lb 9.12 oz
Tawny Female
Yellow Collar

W7 P1 Augusta

10 lb 1.92 oz
Buff Female
Light Blue Collar

W7 P2 Blanca

11 lb 6.88 oz
Tawny Male
Green Collar

W7 P3 Hunter

11 lb 15.5 oz
Tawny Female
Purple Collar

W7 P4 Regal

10 lb 15.68 oz
Tawny Male
Red Collar

W7 P5 Bear

10 lb 11 oz
Buff Male
Black Collar

W7 P6 Denali

12 lb 5.44 oz
Tawny Female
Dark Blue Collar

W7 P7 Bona

11 lb 3.68 oz
Tawny Female
Hot Pink Collar

W7 P8 Grays

10 lb 4 oz
Tawny Male
Tan Collar

W7 P9 Sanford