Glacial Calves Seven Week Update

Unbelievable that in less than a week the puppies will begin to go to their forever homes. They have really blossomed in the past week, with personalities that become more defined with each passing day. They have a number of forays into the greater yard beyond their fenced yard. As they have gained a sense of independence it has become increasingly important to have a couple extra puppy wranglers on hand for the times they fan out in all directions. Reine continues to allow them to feed, and never does more than a limp effort to sweep them away with her head.

Nuuk (Male) 10 lb 7.1 oz

Qaanaaq (Female) 9 lb 14.1 oz

Aasiaat (Male) 11 lb 3.8 oz

Paamiut (Male) 11 lb 2 oz

Ilulissat (Female) 10 lb 3.6 oz

Kulusuk (Female) 10 lb 3.2 oz

Kalaallit (Female) 11 lb 6.6 oz

Narsaq (Female) 10 lb 5.4 oz

Tasiilaq (Female) 11 lb 5.0 oz

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