Glacial Calves Six Week Update

The puppies are really growing fast now with changes visible everyday. They are getting pretty rambunctious in their play, and getting serious teeth. Reine continues to insist on feeding them her milk whenever she gets a chance, as well as feeding them regurgitated food, just like her wild canid ancestors. They traveled to the vet on Tuesday for exams and vaccinations, where they impressed the doctor and got to experience a couple of new surfaces, handling all with ease. They have been on one tour of the yard outside of their outdoor pen, guided by two humans, Reine, and Ukko. While it was a challenge to get them to leave the security of the pen, once out they got more and more comfortable with it. Ukko started to really interact with them once they were in the open, doling out lessons in submissiveness, as well as appropriate play. P1050950 (1280x960)

Nuuk (Male) 8 lb 8 oz

P1050944 (1280x960)

Qaanaaq (Female) 7 lb 11.5 oz

P1050977 (1280x960)

Aasiaat (Male) 8 lb 14.4 oz

P1060100 (1280x960)

Paamiut (Male) 8 lb 13.4 oz

P1050901 (1280x960)

Ilulissat (Female) 7 lb 15.6 oz

P1060109 (1280x960)

Kulusuk (Female) 8 lb 1.3 oz

P1050969 (1280x960)

Kalaallit (Female) 9 lb 6.3 oz

P1050948 (1280x960)

Narsaq (Female) 8 lb 1.2 oz

P1050959 (1280x960)

Tasiilaq (Female) 9 lb 5.2 oz

Future agility stars, Ilulissat and Qaanaaq

Lessons from daddy, Ukko

Aasiaat hogs time with daddy

P1060107 (1280x960)

Wish I could be out there with daddy!

P1050981 (1280x960)