Glacial Calves Five Week Update

The puppies have now had a number of trips outside, and had some meals outside. They have been exploring the big stone step and are able to negotiate the two steps to get out and back into the house. They are now eating puppy kibble moistened with a little water and goat milk. Reine still insists on doing some nursing, despite their teeth. She has started to initiate play with them when they have the room of the outside enclosure. P1050762 (1280x960)

Nuuk (male) 6 lb 6.3 oz Now sporting a  royal blue collar

P1050734 (1280x960)

Qaanaaq (female) 5 lb 12.4 oz

P1050750 (1280x960)

Aasiaat (male) 6 lb 15.9 oz

P1050771 (1280x960)

Paamiut (male) 6 lb 10.4 oz

P1050842 (1280x960)

Ilulissat (female) 6 lb 1.2 oz Now sporting a purple collar

P1050738 (1280x960)

Kalaallit (female) 7 lb 1.5 oz Now sporting and orange collar

P1050811 (1280x960)

Kulusuk (female) 6 lb 2.8 oz

P1050822 (1280x960)

Narsaq (female) 6 lb 1.2 oz

P1050793 (1280x960)

Tasiilaq (female) 6 lb 11.4 oz

Reine playing with Kalaallit, Nuuk with ears up takes flight, Ilulissat and Kalaallit are early ambassadors, Aasiaat observing, Aasiaat and Tasiilaq exploring a big toy, picnic on the lawn, Qaanaaq and Tasiilaq investigate the stone step together, and Ilulissat takes up her regular position, observing the others and me.