Glacial Calves Four Week Update

Here we are already at four weeks old. The puppies are growing like weeds now that they are transitioning to solid food. Their teeth have come in, as shown by their desire to chew on things from each other and toys to the kittens. My female kitten, Freyja, has taken up the mantle of puppy nanny, spending most of her time with them. She actually keeps them in line more than Reine does, letting them know when they get too rough. The weekly photo shoot was quite a challenge between several uncooperative puppies, and the kitten being either in the photo or on my back. In a few days they will move into their new, larger enclosure with easy access to the great outdoors.

Tasiilaq (Female) 4 lb 10.6 oz

Narsaq (Female) 4 lb 4 oz

Paamiut (Male) 4 lb 11.1 oz

Kulusuk (Female) 4 lb 3.2 oz

Aasiaat (Male) 4 lb 11.3 oz

Qaanaaq (Female) 3 lb 13.1 oz

Kalaallit (Female) 4 lb 15.1 oz  Still the biggest!

Ilulissat (Female) 4 lb 2.5 oz

Nuuk (Male) 4 lb 9.2 oz

Week One                                                Now

P1050506 (1280x960)

Ukko checks out his son, Nuuk

P1050504 (1280x960)

Tasiilaq and Ilulissat

P1050526 (1280x960)


P1050565 (1280x960)


P1050535 (1280x960)


P1050566 (1280x960)

Paamiut tormenting Freyja the kitten