Glacial Calves Three Week Update

The puppies are now three weeks old. Eyes are fully open, and hearing is improving, as evidenced by their barks and looking around in response to sudden noises. When I clap my hands repeatedly many of them toddle in my direction. They have had several howling fests in the last two days trying out their high little voices. Their first meals of gruel (goat milk and crushed puppy kibble) is in their bellies. Everyday there are changes in their abilities, and interactions with each other.


P1050397 (1280x960)


P1050398 (1280x960)

Paamiut (Male) 2 lb 12.9 oz

P1050381 (1280x960)

P1050384 (1280x960)

Ilulisaat (Female) 2 lb 7 oz

P1050388 (1280x960)

P1050391 (1280x960)

Kulusuk (Female) 2 lb 7.1 oz

P1050408 (1280x960)

P1050404 (1280x960)

Tasiilaq (Female) 2 lb 9.8 oz

P1050402 (1280x960)

P1050399 (1280x960)

Aasiaat (Male) 2 lb 11.4 oz

P1050423 (1280x960)

P1050429 (1280x960)

Narsaq (Female) 2 lb 10.5 oz

P1050411 (1280x960)

P1050413 (1280x960)

Qaanaaq (Female) 2 lb 6.6 oz

P1050421 (1280x960)

P1050422 (1280x960)

Nuuk (Male) 2 lb 10.7 oz

P1050459 (1280x960)

Kalaallit (Female) 2 lb 13 oz

P1050445 (1280x960)

Aasiaat and Narsaq

P1050441 (1280x960)

Kalaallit and Kulusuk

P1050442 (1280x960)

Kalaallit and Kulusuk

P1050450 (1280x960)

Aasiaat and Nuuk

P1050414 (1280x960)