Glacial Calves Turn 8 Weeks Old

The puppies have started to go to their forever homes. All the boys have gone to their homes, as has Qaanaaq. By all accounts, all are settling in well and having many new adventures. That leaves five girls, who seem to be more active as a group, maybe trying to make up for their absent siblings. These blog posts will be winding down, with one more post after all the pups have gone to their homes, but you will probably be seeing them on Facebook, and other social media outlets. P1060381 (1280x960)

Nuuk (now and still Nuuk) Male 13 lb 9.3 oz  Living large in Missouri


IMG_3765 (1)

Qaanaaq (now River) Female 12 lb 3.4 oz  Living large in California

P1060368 (1280x960)

Aasiaat (now Kolt) Male 13 lb 11.3 oz  Living large in Massachusetts

P1060343 (1280x960)

Paamiut (waiting for the right name) Male 14 lb 2.4 oz  Living large in Alaska

P1060383 (1280x960)

Ilulissat (now Nukka) Female 12 lb 13.2 oz  Living large in CT at Spook Nook Chinooks

P1060371 (1280x960)

Kulusuk (Female) 11 lb 15.5 oz  Staying on a bit longer awaiting her forever home

P1060339 (1280x960)

Kalaallit (now Kala) Female 14 lb 11.1 oz  Soon to be living large in New Jersey

P1060384 (1280x960)

Narsaq (now Munjebel) Female 12 lb 11.4  Soon to be living large in New York

P1060376 (1280x960)

Tasiilaq (now Kaya) Female 13 lb 15.7 oz  Soon to be living large in New York

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