Stars and Stripes Pups are 8 Weeks Old!

These puppies are ready to go to their homes! They have been well prepared by their human mom, and by Willow. Some of their activities have included tons of socialization with many children and adults, practice at recalls, potty training, sitting on command, grooming, and getting used to loud and unexpected noises. They have done really great with learning to walk on leash and having time away from their siblings. In fact, they all cry until they get their turn at the leash walking! Blackjack left for his forever home today, but he is just a few houses away and will be back for frequent visits. The rest will go to their homes at the end of the week.

Wt. 13.94 lbs.
Blue Collar

McClain (Lainey)
Wt. 11.77 lbs.
Pink Collar

Wt. 15.64 lbs.
Teal Collar
Holland (Holly)
Wt. 11.31 lbs.
Purple Collar
Wt. 12.79 lbs.
Green Collar