Triple Crown Litter is 8 Weeks Old & Going Home

Kincsem and Kelso

The puppies turned 8 weeks old on Saturday, and two (Alydar and Ruffian) had already headed to their forever homes by the time I arrived. Kincsem and Kelso left with their families a little later, while Seabiscuit and Zanyatta settled in for another week before they go to their homes. They all have been handling their dwindling pack size very well, and by all reports, the pups in their new homes have been doing great! They certainly grew a lot in the less than two weeks since my previous visit. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy from Saturday. I want to thank Donna and Peter Russell of Wachusett Chinooks for doing such a great job raising these fabulous group of puppies. We look forward to watching them grow and develop.