The Natural Wonders Litter Turns Three Weeks Old

These nine pups have begun to play with each other in earnest, and are starting to interact with their human caretakers. They have learned to lap up a little goats milk, and are learning that their potty area is away from the bed area. They have moved out of their whelping box and into an X-pen, where they are exploring the toys, and getting on and off the beds with increased ease. There are bells hanging on their pen that they are learning to ring, something enjoyed in particular by Bona. It is getting hard to keep track of their daily changes and growth.

Tawny Female
2 lb 9.6 oz
Yellow Collar

Buff Female
2 lb 11.04 oz
Light Blue Collar

Tawny Male
2 lb 10.24 oz
Green Collar

Tawny Female
2 lb 13.92 oz
Purple Collar

Tawny Male
2 lb 13.12 oz
Red Collar

Buff Male
2 lb 13.6 oz
Black Collar

Tawny Female
2 lb 13.6 oz
Dark Blue Collar

Tawny Female
2 lb 12.64 oz
Gray Collar

Tawny Male
2 lb 7.52 oz
Tan Collar