Closer to Home Litter Goes Home

All of the puppies have now gone to their forever homes and by all reports are doing great! Here they all are with their new moms and dads, new names, and locations. One pup is staying here to join the Spook Nook family.

CTH Finals Tarra Farewell

Tarradiddle (Tarra), who is now Timber, will be making her home in Minneapolis, MN. She will have two young children to keep her busy!

CTH Finals Hawkins3

Hawkins, now going by Solo Hawkins (call name is Solo). He will be making his home right here in Cornwall, CT with his mother, grandmother, and grandfather.

CTH Finals Mo Darin2

Mo is still Mo, but her official name is Mokukalani. She will be making her home in Windham, Maine. She will spend a lot of time hiking in the White Mountains.

CTH Finals Tanner Farewell2

Tanner, who is now Clover, will be making her home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She will also get to spend country time in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

CTH Finals Colt Carol

Colt will keep Coltsfoot as his official name, but his call name will now be Cody. He is making his home in Washington, New Hampshire, where he joins several other Chinooks.

CTH Finals Bally Laura

Ballyhack remains Ballyhack and her call name will still be Bally. She is making her home in Ithaca, NY, where she is joining 8 other Chinooks! She will not be lonely.

CTH Finals Housy Farewell

Housy (Housatonic) is making his home in Charlotte, NC. His new name is Cooper. He will have three young children to keep track of.

CTH Finals Birdie Farewell

Birdseye (Birdie) is keeping her name the same, but adding Seldon to the end of her official name. She is making her home in Riverside, California, where she is joining her Aunt River, her mom’s littermate.

Good luck to all these great pups as they venture forth into their new lives. May you have many happy adventures, lavish your new families with your love, and be loved back.