Silver Hollow Litter Eight Week Update

This pack of five turned eight weeks old yesterday, and two have gone to their forever homes with great new Chinook owner families. Olderbark and Willow have started their new adventures, while the rest of the pack and momma Munjebel (and humans) adjust to their absence. It has been quite a ride for Munjebel’s mom and dad, Robin and Andy, and they have done a stellar job helping Munjebel to raise these fine puppies.

Olderbark (now Levon)
He is off to the wild west of Wyoming
15 lbs. 7.5 oz.
Brown Collar

Willow (Will remain Willow)
She is off to Maryland
13 lbs. 6.2 oz.
Black Collar

Eighmey (Will remain Eighmey)
She will stay in Willow and NYC
14 lbs. 5.7 oz.
Yellow/Orange Collar


She will be headed to Virginia
16 lbs. 11.7 oz.
Pink Collar


He will be heading to Montana
17 lbs. 15 oz.
Blue Collar


Thank you all for following this great group. Watch for them on Face Book, and future postings on this site.