Welcome to The Closer to Home Litter

Eight puppies were born to Spook Nook Nukka and Sirius Rising Jon Snow (Baxter) on April 25, 2019. There are 3 males, and 5 females, with 4 being black and tan, and 4 being tawny. Time will tell if the muzzles on the tawny pups stay dark or lighten with time.

The last litter, Glacial Calves, took its inspiration from Greenland and its calving icebergs. The puppies were all named after cities in Greenland. This time we are bringing our Chinooks closer to home. The puppy names are taken from places in Spook Nook Chinook’s hometown of Cornwall, Connecticut. Through the puppies you will get a glimpse of this small hill town in southern New England, and some of its ponds, water courses, “mountains”, forests, and valleys.

CTH Day0a


Tarradiddle (Tarra)

Birthweight 9.0 oz.
Black and Tan
Silver Collar

CTH Tarra1Tarra2

Tarradiddle Mountain may not be much of a mountain, in the opinion of some, but we are only in the foothills of the Berkshires, and we are in Connecticut. While it is not visible in this photo, Tarradiddle rises sharply on the eastern bank of the Housatonic River just north of the village of West Cornwall




Birthweight 13.9 oz.
Green Collar

CTH Hawkins2


Hawkins Pond is a quiet little pond on one of our few remaining dirt roads in town. It is not unusual to see some migrating Mergansers, or other waterfowl taking a brief respite on this little gem.

Hawkins Pond


Mohawk (Mo)

Birth Weight 12.0 oz.
Black and Tan
White Collar


Mohawk Pond is a deep, spring-fed pond within the Mohawk State Forest that has always been a popular fishing hole in both summer and winter. On the far shore is the “swimming” rock. The trails adjacent to the pond are a favorite location for Spook Nook Chinooks to sled, bkjor, or skijor.




Birth Weight 11.1 oz.
Black Collar

CTH Tanner2CTH Tanner 3

Tanner Brook has is beginnings just 1/2 mile from Spook Nook Chinooks’ home. It runs steeply down hill, then levels off as it runs through wetlands on its way to its junction with Birsdeye brook, which you will meet further on.



Coltsfoot (Colt)

Birth Weight 10.4
Red Collar

CTH Coltsfoot1CTH Coltsfoot2

Coltsfoot Valley is a picturesque valley in the heart of Cornwall, just south of Cornwall Village. Coltsfoot Mountain borders the valley on the west (right), while the Cathedral Pines flank the western edge (not visible). It is a favorite of photographers and landscape painters.



Ballyhack (Bally)

Birth Weight 12.75
Black and tan
Light Blue Collar

Housatonic1CTH Ballyhack2

Ballyhack Forest/Preserve is home to an old growth forest containing white pines and hemlocks that are estimated to be some 200 hundred years old. The second largest white pine in the state is here. This forest is owned and protected by the Cornwall Conservation Trust.



Housatonic (Housy)

Birth Weight 12.6 oz
Dark Blue Collar

CTH Housatonic1

CTH Housy

The Housatonic River is a well-known trout stream popular with fly fishers from all around the country. It runs from western Massachusetts all the way down to Long island Sound, passing under the West Cornwall Covered Bridge, which opened in 1841. The river divides Cornwall, on the east bank, from the town of Sharon, on the west. The one-timed dammed river is now free-flowing here and in its upper reaches.



Birdseye (Birdie)

Birth Weight 12.15 oz
Pink Collar

CTH Birdseye1


Birdseye Brook meanders down from the North Cornwall marshes and swamps before tumbling down into Coltsfoot Valley, and Valley brook with an ultimate destination of the Housatonic River and Long Island Sound.



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